John O'Hearn is a professional artist who makes a different kind of mosaic.
These mosaics are hard to explain with photos so he has made a video to show the process.

BAMM & MAN - Tate Modern Bans Mosaic
This is a link to Mosaic Art Now's April 2013 item on the mosaic ban perpetrated by Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the prestigious Tate Modern art gallery in London.

Blake Mosaics in Lambeth
A link to a video about "Project Blake", mosaics made by Southbank Mosaics to liven up underpasses in an area where Blake lived for ten years.

British Association for Modern Mosaic
Known as BAMM for short, this association is for both professional and amateur mosaicists (and indeed anyone interested in mosaic). It publishes a thrice-yearly magazine called Grout, an annual journal called Andamento, organizes events and exhibitions, and holds its AGM & Forum in the autumn.

Charles Lutyens angel mosaics
In 1963 artist Charles Lutyens was commissioned to make a mosaic mural of ten angels and representations of earth, fire, air and water. Taking five years to make, the mosaic covers 800 sq.ft. with continuous unbroken images around the walls of the church and is probably the largest artist-created contemporary mosaic mural in the British Isles. It was completed in 1968.

Chile - mosaics at Puente Alto 2014
A YouTube about the the international team that mosaiced the fašade of the town hall in Puente Alto in Chile.

Contemporary Mosaic Art
CMA is a website for mosaic artists which offers help pages, competitions, forums, details of sponsors, tutorials, features, workshops, a member map, and so forth.

Creative Art Mosaics
Doreen Adams was born and raised in Scotland but nowadays brings her love of mosaics to the public and galleries in Southern California.

Emma Biggs Blog
Emma Biggs, of Mosaic Workshop, is one of the UK's most distinguished mosaic artists, so a blog by her is bound to interest and amuse. Not to be missed.

Funky Mosaics
We design and make unusual decorative mosaic items for the home and garden.

We can also make bespoke mosaic items to order.





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