A Missing Philippa Threlfall Mosaic Rediscovered
A group in North Lancashire (England) produces short films about local history. For their latest piece they looked at the old village of Poulton-le-Sands, which in the 19th Century grew into the seaside town of Morecambe.

They found a piece of artwork which perfectly illustrated the theme of their film. This was a 1974 mosaic by Philippa Threlfall, which was originally located in a building society branch in Morecambe, but when that closed it was moved (in 2001) to the lifeboat station.

What they didn’t realise until after they had made the film and taken a look at Philippa’s website was that this mosaic was one she considered to be ‘lost’, as she’d lost track of it. You’ll find the story on her site: http://www.philippathrelfall.com/muralwatch/entry1033_morecambe_bay_in_the_19th_century.html?sid=d1e1def23c1810949b38a7708b8454c1&catid=1007

So they were able to inform her it was safe and on display in Morecambe Lifeboat Station. A lost mosaic rediscovered!

A multi-studio in Kingston on Thames, England
fusionARTS has five floors of art and artists, including mosaicists, in the centre of Kingston, Surrey, England.

The address is 53 Eden Street, Kingston KT1 1BW


A site about Soviet Mosaics in Kazakhstan
Dennis Keen runs a projectt called Monumental Almaty, documenting, researching, and working to preserve Soviet mosaics. This site shows many of these remarkable mosaics.

A Tango Mosaic on YouTube
A YouTube slide show of a large mosaic with a tango music manuscript as its subject. Music and mosaic both by Ray Hutchinson. Great Fun!

Ancient Roman Tiles and Mosaics
An article about the history of ancient Roman tiles and mosaics

Antioch's Virtual Mosaic Museum
Hatay (ancient Antioch) possesses one of the greatest Roman mosaic collections in the world and you can now visit it on the internet.

Hatay Virtual Archaeology Museum possesses over 100 masterpieces, including 80 mosaics. Each of them can be examined in detail in the Inventory pages. They are all photographed in their true colours by using colour scala. Each can be examined in close-up and is described in English.

Article - "Birds Fly to Africa" project
Julie Norburn of Art4Space writes about her project for helping children in Africa..



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