Elaine M. Goodwin

from 4 November 2017 till 13 May 2018
an Elaine M. Goodwin Solo Exhibition


over 30 light-filled works in shades of Blue
exploring varying conceits for the theme
using precious golds from Venice
and shimmering glass from Ravenna...

Every Sunday 2.00 - 6.00 p.m. from Sunday April 16th - Sunday September 17th
or by appointment with the artist

See www.couches.gallery

Gallery address: 4 Place de L’Eglise, 71490 COUCHES, FRANCE
Telephone +33 (0) 986 423 860

For more information or to email visit Elaine's website by clicking

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Exhibition of work by mosaic artists
in Loveland, Colorado, USA

on view through May 13, 2018



The Somerville Museum
is pleased to present
a group exhibition of contemporary mosaic works
featuring New England Mosaic Society artists.

The Mosaic Exhibition will run from February 22 –April 7, 2018
with an opening reception on Sunday February 25, 2018 from 1:00-3:00 pm.

The exhibition will feature the work of 60 artists from the six New England states.
The show will also include a Salon, where NEMS members can exhibit and sell their small mosaics.

“You’ll see a wide variety of mosaic techniques and styles at this mosaic art exhibition,” say exhibit co-chairs, Karen Edlund and Cynthia Fisher. “Contemporary mosaicists practice techniques dating back to the Romans and Greeks, but use a wide variety modern materials (gems, jewelry, shells, found objects, china, glass tiles, smalti, stained glass, pebbles) to create contemporary designs.

A catalog will be available for purchase with full-color images of all the mosaics in the exhibition.

In addition, NEMS artists will also be offering a series of workshops at the museum - open to all.




T J b

TomatoJack Arts is based in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England

The exhibition opens on Saturday 10th March and runs until 25th March 2018
Viewable at weekends and whenever the studio is open

Before visiting please phone 07833 496799
or email admin@TomatoJack.co.uk


Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh
6-14 October 2018

An exhibition, artist’s talks and workshops

An exhibition showcasing work by two of Scotland’s foremost mosaic artists - Dugald MacInnes and Joanna Kessel.
Both artists show their work nationally and internationally.

This exhibition has grown out of a common interest in ‘place’, urban and natural, material qualities and ways of seeing the world

work by Dugald MacInnes

Dugald MacInnes exhibits his work in the UK, France, Italy and the USA. His work uses slate from Scottish quarries and centers principally on the context of geology. He explores the fragility and the precarious nature of the earth’s crust and the potential destructive impact of the underlying geological forces that have shaped, and continue to shape, our inhabited world.

work by Joanna Kessel

Joanna Kessel’s series (In)visible Cities is inspired by urban environments and plays with the notion of what is visible - exploring the intimate detail, and beauty, of unseen, 'glimpsed' places.  She is interested in material relationships - ordinary and precious – from gold leaf smalti, fire clay, sea glass to cast concrete and their creative possibilities when juxtaposed. Joanna runs an annual residential workshop in Italy, which this year will coincide with an extended research and development period informing new works for the exhibition. 

As part of the exhibition there will be an evening of Artist’s Talks on Thursday 11 October 2018 where both artists will discuss their work. This is a free event but numbers are limited so booking is required.

To coincide with the exhibition the artists will each run a 3-day mosaic workshop on the theme of ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ exploring the creative potential of reclaimed local industrial waste including slate, coal, pottery, glass, brick, tiles and fire clay. Joanna’s workshop may include a trip to a beach to collect waste left from local historic industries and will use hammer and hardies to cut materials.

12, 13 & 14 October 2018 - £280 per person

For further information about the exhibition, artist talks, workshops and bookings please contact:
Dugald MacInnes: anneanddugie1@btinternet.com
Joanna Kessel: joannakessel@gmail.com





2016 Spilimbergo Italy

XV International AIMC Congress:
May 18 - 21, 2016 Spilimbergo - Italy

spilim logo

The Mosaic in Contemporaneity

This very important AIMC event was held in 2016 in Spilimbergo,with the organizational collaboration of an exceptional institution: the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli.

for more information click here

Ravenna Mosaico 2015

Ravenna and the AIMC (International Association of
Contemporary Mosaicists) promoted the Fourth Edition of
the International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic,
Ravenna Mosaico.

The event took place from October 10 to November 8, 2015
and it hosted exhibitions, conferences, lectures, presentations of publications related to mosaic, and scientific studies related to the development of contemporary mosaic.

Glories in Gold & Glass

Mosaics & Ecclesiastical Art Study Day

St Paul's Cathedral Collections Department: Activities & Events

Friday, 13 November 2015

hosted by the Museum of London
on the 13th November 2015

The mosaics in St Paul's Cathedral are one of the most unexpected and intriguing aspects of any visit. The scale and ambition of the scheme is awe-inspriting in itself. This study day looked at the wider context of the St Paul's Cathedral mosaics. Inspired by the renaissance of mosaic work in the nineteenth century which brought the vibrant colour and imagery to the walls and ceilings of St Paul’s, the speakers included:

Dr Heike Zech, Curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum: 'The Willaim Blake Richmond Mosaic Cycle at St Paul's'

Simon Carter, Head of Collections at St Paul's Cathedral: 'The Mosaics in a Collections Context'

Dr Ayla Lepine, Art and Architectural Historian: 'Stylistic Revivals in Nineteenth Century Church Interiors'

Lou Ashon, Conservator: 'The Conservation of the Fitzrovia Chapel mosaics'

Tessa Hunkin, Practising Mosaicist: 'Westminster Cathedral Mosaics Past and Present'

David Toothill, Artistic Director at Southbank Mosaics: 'Contemporary Mosaic Commissions in London'

A film premiere - The Making of the Queenhithe Mosaic

This Study was part of the St Paul's Mosaics Project


Ciel gallery and mosaic studio in South Charlotte,

North Carolina, USA

The gallery offers monthly juried shows, each involving 30-40 different artists. It features both local artists and artists from all over the world who use an array of media, including jewellery, pottery, metal sculptures, paintings and glass mosaics.

All four gallery partners are working artists, each with a different speciality. Pam Goode, Teresa Hollmeyer and Vick Hanson-Burkhart are mosaic artists. Tina Alberni is a mixed artist who specializes in painting. They all offer classes and workshops in their areas of expertise.

Ciel also offers visiting artist workshops, providing local artists with an opportunity to learn from well-known artists from around the country.

Ciel Gallery and Mosaic Studio is at 136 E. Park Ave. in Charlotte.
For information click www.cielcharlotte.com.

Chedworth Roman mosaics to go on display

One of the longest in-situ Roman mosaics in Britain is to go on display for the first time in 150 years at Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire.

BBC News Gloucestershire
27 December 2011

Archaeologists uncovered the mosaic and others as part of a £3m redevelopment. They said they had known for many years there were more than those already on display inside two Victorian-built timber sheds. The mosaics will go on show inside a new conservation shelter at the site, which is owned by the National Trust.

National Trust archaeologist Martin Papworth said the mosaics had been seen and noted during Victorian excavations. "Only two areas were put on display under the old shelters," he said. "However, when we did some work to check on their condition we were concerned that frost and weather were affecting them and it was agreed they could be better protected by building a new environmentally controlled shelter over that whole section of the villa and excavating them for display."

The mosaics include one of the longest in-situ corridor mosaics in the country, which is 35m (115ft) long. It will go on display under a special walkway allowing visitors to walk just above the Roman floor. One remaining section of the corridor mosaic will be excavated next summer.

Conservator Chris Cleere said: "The mosaics were wet when they were excavated and now they are safe inside the new building we will let them dry out and see what happens. Then we can assess what type of work we need to do over next summer for the long term conservation. In the short term we will clean the mosaics, stabilise them and prepare them for display to the first visitors."

The new conservation shelter, a redeveloped visitor facility and a new education centre will be officially opened on 4 March.

Mosaic artworks go on display in "Green Garden"

More than 125 mosaics can be found in the sunken garden on Loch Promenade, Douglas, Isle of Man

by Tessa Hawley
August 2011

They are part of an initiative called "Garey Glass – Green Garden" which aims to encourage environmental responsibility. The sunken garden has a "recycle-reuse-reduce" theme and as well as the mosaics, which have been made using recycled material, features a pathway constructed from recycled bottles.

Community arts specialist Debra Tracey worked with local charities and voluntary groups to create the mosaics for the garden. She said: "Garey Glass has been a tremendous community effort involving people of all ages and abilities.

"I held a number of work sessions in the run up to the launch and it was wonderful to see whole families, from very young children to grandparents, getting involved with making the mosaics - every single piece of which has been used which makes the project truly inclusive.

"We've used as much recycled material as possible, right down to the jars and containers for the eco-art classes, and we found all kinds of creative ways to reuse plastic carrier bags - even for making the 'ribbon' cut by the deputy mayor at the opening."

Chris Pycroft, development manager for the Douglas Development Partnership said: "Garey Glass has brought added interest and a new sense of community to the sunken gardens which are magnificently maintained by the council's parks section.

"The mosaics will bring colour to the garden during the months when the flowers have died down while the LED lighting gives life to the space at night so this is very much a garden for all seasons and all hours."

The project has been funded by the environmental charity Groundwork which uses the profits of the Marks and Spencer carrier bag charge and Douglas Borough Council and the Douglas Development Partnership.


TE-21 (Tessellated Expression for the 21st century), a new exhibiting group, was launched in Chartres, France, on 25 October 2008 by four mosaic artists, each internationally recognised. They were Elaine M. Goodwin (England), Dugald MacInnes (Scotland), Lucio Orsoni (Italy) and Toyoharu Kii (Japan).

The launch took place under the aegis of the Association Les 3R, which organises the biennial Rencontres Internationales de la Mosaique in Chartres.

Lucio Orsoni of Orsoni Mosaics fame spoke animatedly of proposals for future exhibitions. Dates have yet to be arranged but watch this space!

To learn more about TE-21 see our News Item on the launch of the group.

Source: Solo Mosaico


This outstanding collection of decorative art is one of the most important bequests ever made to the British nation. It was the gift of Sir Arthur Gilbert, who was born in London and settled in California in 1949. The collection was originally displayed in Los Angeles but then found a home for some years in the palace of Somerset House, on the north bank of the Thames by Waterloo Bridge. This magnificent building used to be the home of the Inland Revenue, but happily the taxman made way, first for the Courtauld Collection, and then for this magnificent addition, Sir Arthur's collection of European silver, gold snuff boxes, furniture, clocks, miniatures - and Italian mosaics. These treasures are now to be seen at the V&A Museum.

The mosaics are of two kinds; Florentine "pietra dura" (opus sectile miniature pictures made of plain and polychrome marble and semi-precious stones) and micro-mosaics. These evolved in Rome in the late 18th century as souvenirs for rich tourists making the Grand Tour. The glass threads of which they are made are so small as to be barely visible as individual tesserae.

To see more about Sir Arthur Gilbert, his life and the collection go to our Gilbert Collection article on the feature pages.

To see the V&A webpages on the collection click here










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