Laura Schubert

In 1988 my artistic focus was changed forever when I was introduced to the mosaic medium by renowned artist Michael Satok Wolman of Rialto Mosaic in Toronto. What had started out as an interest in painting, drawing and illustration, turned into a passion for mosaics and the intricate assembly of smaller pieces that construct the whole of the finished work.

Over the past 15 years I have spent countless hours in the studio fine tuning my skills, perfecting my techniques and experimenting with new ideas and mediums. From intricately detailed illustrations to simple clean patterns, angular Islamic geometry to curving Celtic knotwork, I have produced mosaics in many styles both large and small with dedication and confidence. Seduced by the brilliant and varied colours of stained glass, it has become my preferred medium. Occasionally I will incorporate ceramic tiles, shells, glass beads and pebbles into my work.

My current focus is on producing decorative mosaic items for the home such as mirrors, table tops, vases and planters. My work can also be incorporated into numerous other projects such as floors, walls, backsplashes, columns, borders and just about anywhere.

This is just the beginning as I look forward to producing much larger scale public artwork such as murals and fountains.

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