Gary Drostle

Gary was born in Woolwich in South East London and studied fine art at Camberwell, St Martins and Middlesex Polytechnic. He also studied for a short while in Italy at the Carrara School of Marble Sculpture.

After leaving art college in 1985 he immediately began working as a public mural artist. Gary served on the executive of Haringey Arts Council for two years and has worked closely with many different community groups.

Gary initially worked painting murals in hospitals for two years after which he became a founding member of Haringey Mural Workshop. When the mural workshop disbanded in 1989 Gary started Wallscapes, initially working in collaboration with Belfast artist Ruth Priestly.

Gary was joined by Rob Turner in 1990 and they worked in collaboration as Wallscapes for over ten years, producing numerous successful public art projects across the UK.

Gary now works from a studio in the centre of Greenwich producing murals and mosaic works as well as his own drawings and paintings.

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