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Danielle Fernandez is the artist and owner of Mainly Mosaics, a mosaic gallery and interior/exterior design center in Richmond, Virginia. The gallery creates glass and tile mosaic pieces for private clients and markets work through interior designers, distributors and architects. Fernandez teaches mosaic classes at her gallery to hundreds of beginning crafters.

Book Description

Brilliant Stained Glass Mosaics combines two popular crafts into one exciting new art form. While most traditional opaque mosaics can be attractive and fun, they lack the creativity and excitement provided by the addition of stained glass. Glass-on-glass mosaic projects come to life because they can be illuminated by candlelight, incandescent or natural light.

This book illustrates simple mosaic techniques that can be used to create stunning, sophisticated designs for both home and garden décor. There are 12 glass mosaic projects in all, including windows, vases, candleholders, picture frames, light fixtures and more!

Price: £14.99

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