Masters of Mosaic

Since the great revival of mosaic in the UK starting in the 1990s there's been a positive river of books on the subject, but this (superbly illustrated) one is a must-have. Twelve top English professional mosaic artists write about their work and methods of working. And there's a bonus - the author, Oliver Budd, adds a whole section for professionals and would-be professionals on how to go about getting commissions, budgets, installation, adhesives and grouts, etc. Invaluable.

Mark you, if you're talking Masters, I myself would have cast the net GB-wide and included Dugald MacInnes (Scotland) and Jeni Stewart-Smith (Cornwall). So how about Volume 2, with those two plus, let's say, Bob Field, Julie Hand, Liz de Ath, Paul Marks, Nathalie Vin, Paul Siggins, Rebecca Newnham, Charles Lutyens, Barbara Laws and Takako Shimizu?

Price: 30

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