The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo - a Fourth Crusade novel

This is a feisty historical novel about the Fourth Crusade, the one launched by Pope Innocent III (the man who came after Hyacinth Bobo), which ended up sacking Constantinople, the greatest city in Christendom.

It has two claims to appear in the Mosaic Matters website - it is written by the Editor, and mosaic features from time to time, including a description of how the Byzantines made their wall mosaics.

"'The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo' is a real page-turner, a splendid historical novel in every respect." George Leonardos

"A superbly written historical novel... One of the most interesting books of the genre, with a quick and expertly weaved plot…" Prof. Alexios Savvides

To have a look at the book go to our Mosaic Matters Home page and click on the "The Man Who Came After Hyacinth Bobo" title. Alternatively, on the Amazon books website, search for "Hyacinth Bobo".

Price: Kindle Price £4.85

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