Ancient Mosaics

This paperback book traces the history of mosaic from the Hellenic period to the early Christian era. It looks at the wide range of styles and subject matter adopted by the mosaicists, whether geometric patterns or figurative scenes of mythology, agriculture, the circus and hunting, and shows what mosaics can tell us of domestic and imperial tastes and aspirations.

Among other topics discussed are techniques and materials, the relationship of mosaic to other forms of interior decoration, its architectural role and the problems of modern museum display.

Published by British Museum Press,a division of The British Museum Company Ltd. 46 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QQ.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction 6
2 The Greek Period 19
3 Roman Italy 34
4 The Roman East 49
5 The Roman North-West 61
6 Roman Africa 77
7 Wall and Vault Mosaics 98
8 Context and Meaning 113
Map 136
Glossary 138
Select Bibliography 140
Illustration Acknowledgments 141
Index 142

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