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Who made this New Zealand mosaic?

Mosaicist Con Kiernan wants to know about a magnificent mosaic on the side of a house, 500 metres from his door in Waikino, New Zealand.

It was apparently produced in Britain by a woman, possibly living in Cornwall. It has an irregular substrate to give the whole piece a 3D effect, is made with marble, smalti, pottery and found objects, and is about 2100mm wide and 1800mm deep. He would like to know if there is anyone out there who knows about it.

The subject matter? This is a mining area and it could be representing some aspects of that with a little imagination, but Con thinks it is possibly an attempt to commemorate the moon landing.

It was given to a local resident (since deceased) who came to New Zealand as the CEO of a local electronic firm, probably at the time Phillips (International) came to town. Eventually the plant was closed down. The mosaic now stands proudly on CEO's old home. The people who currently own the place are prepared to release it to the local village community for safekeeping... and Con has been entrusted with sorting the proposition.

Con Kiernan
NZ Mosaic Art
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