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Mosaicists are invited to make a small mosaic (25 by 25 cm)
for the new MosaicArt Charity Project

”Eyes of Nepal”

After the success of the MosaicArt Charity Project London of 2010/11, Martin Cheek has suggested that we aim to mount a similar display in Kathmandu, where mosaic artists have the opportunity to exhibit their work permanently.

The aim of this project is again to raise funds for the Esther Benjamins Trust,
EBT has a mosaic studio in Nepal, providing essential employment for young workers rescued as children by the Trust. (see video at

The funds from this project will be used for operational and material costs at the Bhairahawa integrated mosaic centre, where deaf school-leavers work alongside survivors of trafficking, and where mosaics are made for public display. Their latest project is the creation of a wall mosaic with a message at a school the Trust is building in an urban slum at Butwal - a community that is prone to girl trafficking.

Here is how it works:
This time Martin will donate 'eyes' inspired by Nepali animals and the Buddha. These eyes will be glass fusions he is going to make in his kiln, which will then be used as the focal points of your mosaic.

You can order the ‘Eye’ of your choice (a single eye or a pair of eyes) from Martin before the 1st of December 2011 by sending an email to with your address. You will receive the Eye (or the pair) in January/February 2012.

You then donate the £20 for participating via under your name.

In addition we're hoping that you and your friends and family will sponsor your mosaic for a further £100 (each mosaic would therefore raise £120) to help towards our target of £12,000.

Here is what your mosaic should be like:
• Make your mosaic on 25 by 25 cm MDF wood, 10 mm thick
• Seal the wood before you start your mosaic.
• Paint the sides, do not mosaic the sides
• You can use tesserae, tiles and glass
Incorporate the glass fusion eye (or pair of eyes) you have ordered from Martin, which would then be the focal point of the mosaic, based on Nepali wildlife. Samples at Martin Cheek's Facebook site - click here

This shows the size of the mille - with a ruler / penny next to it - so this will give you an idea of the size / scale that we are talking about. Choose between : Buddah, Tiger, Snake / Reptile, Elephant, Monkey and Bird
• Grout the mosaic

Package and posting
• Make sure you pack your mosaic properly (bubblewrap etc.).
• Sent the mosaic to Esther Benjamins Trust, Third Floor, 2 Cloth Court, London EC1A 7LS United Kingdom
• Karla Duterloo, Martin Cheek and Philip Holmes will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of the mosaic.

The deadline for sending in your mosaic will be May 1st 2012.

If you have any questions please feel free to sent Karla an email:

Visit to read more about how to donate the money.

All about the trust on:

Visit and go to the BLOG page to read all the information and updates about the MosaicArt Charity “Eyes of Nepal”.

We are on Facebook : // and “Eyes of Nepal” MosaicArt Charity project

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Martin’s page


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