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Unique Byzantine Mosaics Unearthed in Bulgaria's Kyustendil

Sofia News Agency

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered unique mosaics from Byzantine times during excavation works in the town of Kyustendil.

The beautiful findings, which are drawn mainly with geometrical figures, once tiled the floors of official halls in a Byzantine private house, the experts reported.

"The names of the home's owners are written on the mosaics and it is the first time when such artifacts have been discovered in Bulgaria," the chief archaeologist Rumen Spasov explained.

"The names we could read are Diofanes and Diogenia, who probably were among the riches people at the time," he added.

Spasov said the building unearthed testify to the attack of the leader of the Hunnic Empire
Attila (406 - 453) on these territories.

The team of archaeologists has worked on the terrain for about six months.


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