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Buckland Books is closing down

Mosaic books for sale at bargain prices

For many years Chris Blanchett has run Buckland Books, which offered a superb selection of books on tiles and mosaics. Now he has decided to retire and is offering his stock for sale. Chris has been such a feature of the mosaic world for so long that it is hard to accept that Buckland Books won't be with us in future - but at least we can get some terrific bargains.

The stock available is listed here in 3 parts - two short lists, plus a link to the main catalogue.

To order one or more books email Chris at
or Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1903 717648

PART 1) The following books are offered at 30% off the listed price.

07048   GIOVANI ARTISTI E MOSAICO (GAEM)                                                                £13.95
Edited by Linda Kniffitz, Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, 2011, parallel English & Italian texts, 60pp, 20 colour illustrations, paperback
“First International Prize, Young Artists and Mosaic” - this is the catalogue of the winning entries in this new annual award organised by the International Centre for the Documentation of Mosaic, based in Ravenna. With such a high standard of entry, the art of mosaic has an assured future!

01125   ARCHITETTURA E MOSAICO, Conversazioni sul mosaico                                 £22.50
Edited by Linda Kniffitz, Museo d’Arte della Città di Ravenna, 2011, Italian text, 113pp, illustrated in b & w, paperback
This is a study of the way mosaic interacts with architecture, ancient and modern. A fascinating work, but would have been much improved with colour illustrations.

20068   TAKAKO SHIMIZU, Mosaic Sculpture                                                                          £7.50
Takako Shimizu, privately published, 2011, 32pp, 30 colour illustrations, paperback
A fabulous record of the truly beautiful mosaic sculptures of this Japanese artist, now resident in London, superbly illustrated!

02074   BRINGING CARTHAGE HOME, The excavations of Nathan Davis, 1856-1859    £48.00
Joann Freed, Oxbow Books, 2011, 265pp, illustrated in b & w + 9 colour plates, boards
University of British Columbia Studies in the Ancient World: Vol 2. The British Museum has a number of mosaics from Carthage, excavated by Nathan Davis in the mid 19th century, funded by the British Foreign Office. This work seeks to place Davis’s work in its wider archaeological context, based on previously unpublished papers as well as Davis’s own 1861 volume: Carthage and Her Remains. An absorbing study.

20069   TESSERE, Parole di Vetro e di Pietra                                                                            £59.95
Felice Nittolo, Angelo Longo Editore, 2011, parallel English & Italian texts, 248pp, fully illustrated throughout in colour, cloth, dustwrapper
The latest publication to feature the work of the legendary Italian mosaicist, Felice Nittolo. This is a full “autobiography” in mosaic and glass on an epic scale with superb illustrations of most of his mosaics and glass “sculptures”. A veritable tour-de-force.

13231   MOSAICI IN FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA                                                                   £18.95
Various authors, Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia & Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, 2011, parallel English & Italian texts, 216pp, illustrated throughout in colour, paperback
“A Catalogue and Guide to the Mosaic Works” in this region of North East Italy - covering the four provinces of Udine, Gorizia, Trieste and Pordenone. This impressive  work is a comprehensive gazetteer of the modern mosaics of the area, many of which have been created by past scholars of the world renowned Spilimbergo Mosaic School. An absolute must for those intending to travel in the area, and with the added bonus of full ENGLISH text! We need more books like this!

PART 2) These books are offered at the stated bargain prices:

Tiling & Mosaics in a Weekend, Deena Beverley, Merehurst: was £5.99 now £2.99

Quick & Easy Mosaics, Mariarita Macchiavelli, Sterling, USA: was £16.99 now £6.99 (2 copies)

The New Mosaics, D T Dawson, Lark Books, USA: was £16.95 now £6.95

Romano- British Mosaics, Peter Johnson, Shire Archaeology: was £5.99 now £2.99 (3 copies)

Saint Saviour in Chora, Fatih Cimok, A Turizm, Turkey: was £7.99 now £3.99 (2 copies)

La Pittura di Pietra (Mosaics and Hardstone), Ferdinando Rossi, Giunti, Italy: was 19.95 now £9.95

The Mosaic Map of Madaba, Herbert Donner, Pharos, Netherlands: was £17.50 now £7.50

Mosaic Tile Designs (Tessellated pavements), Susan Johnston, Dover, USA: was £5.95 now £1.95 (2 copies)

Mosaic & Tessellated Patterns, How to Create them, John Willson, Dover, USA: was £5.95 now £1.95

Marmi e Altre Pietre nel Mosaico Antico e Moderno, Various authors, CNR, Faenza, Italy: was £37.50 now £15.00

Metodologia e Prassi della Conservazione Musiva, Various authors, 2 volumes, Longo Editore, Italy: was £29.50 now £11.99

Roman Architecture & Society, James C Anderson jr, John Hopkins, USA: was £15.50 now: £7.99

Torna la Poesia nella Citta  dei Mosaici, anon, Longo Editore, Italy: was £11.00 now £3.99

La Mosaique dans tous ses Eclats, Exhibition Catalogue, Marseille, France: was £4.95 now £1.95

Mosaics Mini Workbook, Sabina Robba, Merehurst: was £2.99 now 99p

Mosaique et Decoration, anon, Editions ESI, France: was £6.99 now £2.99

Moorish Style, Miles Danby, Phaidon: was £19.99 now £9.99

Mosaics in a Weekend, Martin Cheek, New Holland: was £12.99 now £6.99

Design Sourcebook, Martin Cheek, New Holland: was £12.99 now £6.99

Mosaic Artist’s Sourcebook, Teresa Mills, Apple: was £14.99 now £7.99 (2 copies)

Mosaic Artist’s Technique Bible Teresa Mills, Apple: was £12.99 now £6.99

A Guide to Mosaic Sites San Francisco, Lillian Sizemore, USA: was £10.00 now £2.00

III Colloquio Internazionale sul Mosaico Antico, Ravenna 1980, 2 volumes, Girasole, Italy: was £99.00 now £49.00

Mosaic Art 2005 (CD ROM) Bill Buckingham, Mosaic Rocks, USA: was £10.00 now £3.00

Art & Society in Fourth-Century Britain, Villa Mosaics in Context, Sarah Scott, OUSA: was £28.00 now £12.99

Ifriqiya, Art in Tunisia, MWNF, Spain: was £12.99 now £6.99

L’Albero della Vita nei Mosaici Pavimentali del vicino Oriente, Giovanni Bcci, Bologna, Italy: was £37.50 now £15.00

Les Demeures Aristocratiques d’Aquitaine, Catherine Balmelle, Bordeaux,, France: was £72.50 now £35.00

Un Lacerto in Opus sectile dalla Domus di Via d’Azeglio a Ravenna, Various authors, Longo Editore, Italy: was £17.50 now £5.99

Mosaics of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, The Fossati restoration, N B Teteriatnikov, Dumbarton Oaks, USA: was £13.50 now £5.99

Hagia Sophia, Fatih Cimok, A Turizm, Turkey: was £7.99 now £3.99

Rivestimientos de Opus Sectile en la Peninsula Iberica, Esther Perez Olmedo, Valladolid, Spain: was £27.95 now £12.99

Pietra in Ombra, Alessandro de Tomassi, L’erma di Bretshneider, Italy: was £109.00 now £49.00

Making Mosaics, Angelo Cangemi, Antonina Parisi, Italy: was £19.95 now £9.95

Excavations at Sidi Khrebish Benghazi (Berenice), Vol IV Pt 1, Mosaics, Demetrios Michaelides, Tripoli, Libya: was £90.00 now £45.00

The Gilbert Collection, Micromosaics, Jeanette Hanisee Gabriel, Philip Wilson: was £37.50 now £22.50                                                       

The Gilbert Collection, Hardstones, Anna Maria Massinelli, Philip Wilson: was £37.50 now £22.50

Frammenti di un Discorso Musivo, various authors, Charta, Italy: was £15.99 now £5.99 (2 copies)

Islamic Geometric Patterns, Eric Broug, Thames & Hudson: was £14.95 now £7.95

Los Mosaicos de la Antiquedad Tardia en Hispania, Milagros Guardia Pons, PPU, Spain: was £59.00 now £19.00

Excavaciones Arqueologicas en Espana, Mosaicos, Dimas Fernandez-Galiano, Ministerio de Cultura, Spain: was £29.50 now £12.99

Alla Luce del Mosaico, Bruno Bandini, Longo Editore, Italy: was £7.50 now £2.00

PART 3) Click here to see the main catalogue. These books are offered at 30% off the listed price.




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