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Karl Marx mosaic disappears from Isle of Wight car park

by Sara Bryce
Isle of Wight County Press online

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Karl Marx mosaic disappears from Isle of Wight car park

The mosaic of Karl Marx, which has been stolen from a car park in Ventnor. Picture courtesy of Ken Knapman.

A MOSAIC of German philosopher Karl Marx has been stolen from a Ventnor car park.

The mosaic, created by town councillor and member of the Ventnor School of Mosaic Ken Knapman, was found to be missing from the Central Car Park last Friday.

The mosaic commemorated the founder of Marxism's stays in Ventnor during the 1880s.

It was part of a 23ft-wide creation, depicting life in Ventnor, and was installed in 2009 as part of a project by the Ventnor Enhancement Fund to improve the area.

Ken said the Marx mosaic took him around six weeks to complete.

He said: "It looks like they have tried to get the bigger one of the train but they couldn't. It has damaged the wood around it. I can't let it upset me."

He added the mosaic group has not decided whether it will replace the missing artwork.

The mosaic has been vandalised before, including in 2010 when parts were wrenched from the wall and dumped in bushes.

Ken said however: "We have to say, this activity is very rare. The last time it happened a set were found in Wheelers' Bay and brought back to us undamaged.

"The creators, "The Ventnor School of Mosaic", have done the majority of mosaics in Ventnor and we repair and maintain them voluntarily.

"We take a rather stoic view when these things happen, we can turn this problem into its opposite. We are just Ventnor folk doing community art, the artists do work and teach anyone who wants to learn.

"If anyone wants to come and see us work, or join in, or do work for themselves, come in and visit us. On the other hand we are always looking for volunteers and people to support the Community Cafe on Saturday mornings."

The Central Car Park mosaic in Ventnor

The mosaic in Central Car Park, Ventnor. Picture courtesy of Ken Knapman.



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