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DOMODOMO - German Organisation for Mosaic Art Society founded

Bergisch Gladbach, 7.August 2008 

Germany/Wiesbaden. In spring 2008 the German Organisation for Mosaic Art e.V. (DOMO) has been founded.

The DOMO dedicated to the preservation, promotion and dissemination of mosaic art in public. Through exhibitions, publications and seminars will be the diversity of mosaic art accessible to a wide audience. 

After the mosaic art in Germany from 1850 to 1930 had gained to its previous heyday,in the following years the culture has been hidden. Currently experiencing this art direction a new renaissance.

The current mosaic art is both - through traditional companies, as well as a variety of mosaic artists - represented. The growing number of people who place the mosaic as a serious hobby, is a testament to the ever-widening interest of the german population for the mosaic art.

The increasing desire of mosaic artists, supporters and interested parties to network amongst themselves, gives the DOMO now a communication forum. Interested parties can have on the website an overview of the current mosaic art scene.

Supplemented by announcements about seminars and workshops on topics of mosaic art as well as information on the artistic and technical bases.

Membership in the DOMO offers a wider access to special offers, such as participation in the DOMO organised exhibitions and the opportunity for members to present their works of art on the website.

Press contact:

Britta Kuth
DOMO - Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V.
Laurentiusstr. 85
G - 51465 Bergisch Gladbach
Tel.0049-2202/9268212 The Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V. (DOMO) serves the purpose of conservation, presentation, promotion and placement of mosaic art.


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